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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Doors


No matter how strongly built or durable your door is, it will eventually corrode over time. This is brought by its continuous use and exposure to several elements. But, how exactly will you know that your door needs a replacement?

            Before replacing a door, there are a few notable things you should consider. These factors shall serve as your checklist as to whether you need an immediate door replacement or just a simple wooden door refinishing. It also prevents you from spending funds even when it is not needed. Take a look at this checklist below:

  1. The door sticks when being opened and closed.

            Weather heavily affects the condition and lifespan of doors. During the winter, it may get stuck while in the summer, it can easily be opened and closed. This instance is caused by the gaps or openings around the door frame where the outdoor light passes through.

            When such signs appear, don’t immediately resort to door replacement. You must first consult a door replacement professional since sometimes, such occurrences are due to loose hinge screws. But when it is brought by something more serious like a misalignment in the door jamb, then having it replaced is your best option.

  1. The door has drafts

            Having drafts on your door could mean that it is not doing a good job of preventing air leaks into your home. When the door begins to function in such a manner, it may put a heavy strain on your house’s HVAC system. This strain can lead to a higher energy bill each month making it quite heavy for you and your budget.

            In such events, it would be best to get your door replaced. Door replacement would still cause you a sum of money but, it will be cheaper than having heavy monthly energy bills.

  1. The door is weathered

            Solid wooden doors expand and contract as the weather changes. This shifting in the overall texture can negatively affect your door. It can cause cracks, gaps, and uneven surfaces in the long run. Such imperfections would lead to letting drafts into your home and causing more financial problems.

            When you notice such signs, you should contact a door replacement contractor or professional to get the job done and eliminate the problem.

  1. The door always gets loose hinges

            Loose hinges can easily be aided with a screwdriver and some lubricant. However, when it becomes occurrent and starts causing some issues, that is when it begins to show signs of a more serious problem. This tells you that you have a failing door inside your home.

            Such doors leave your home more vulnerable to intruders and can be quite challenging to use every day. In such cases, you may want to get it replaced to avoid harmful consequences in the long run.

  1. The door has moisture damage

            Wet, and weak wooden doors serve as the perfect environment for several insects, molds, and mildew. When one of these starts to occur, it will slowly damage your door and leave it in an unwell state when left untreated. And usually, in this case, homeowners would resort to getting their door replaced.