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Useful and Unique Techniques to Use in your next Wood Refining Project


Wood refining may seem tricky for some. Depending on the end result you are targeting to achieve, its ETA and overall complexity may vary. Similar to a wood replacement, some refinishing projects may seem trickier and some may appear to have a much easier process. Due to this variation, beginners or newbies in the field of refinishing can have a difficult time.

            To make workloads easier to handle, there are several techniques that can be used in wood refinishing. These techniques are useful in boosting the success rate and reducing the possible stress and issues you may face along the way.

            Curious about what these techniques are? Read on to what these common and useful techniques are down below:

Natural Oil Finish Technique

            One of the popular techniques in wood refinishing is with the use of oil. Other than coconut oil, there are other varieties of oil you may use. This includes tung oil, danish oil, linseed oil, and teak oil. The oil that shall be used in this technique will entirely vary according to its compatibility with the type of wood you plan to refinish.

Vinegar and Steel Wool Technique

            If you are planning to save money and at the same time be able to refinish your wood. In here, it would simply require you with the materials you can find in your home. The size and amount of vinegar will rely on the size of the wood to be refinished. It will also be matched with the appropriate number of steel wool that shall also be used in the process.

Natural Wax Finish

            If you are looking to achieve better versatility, it is best to go for a natural wax finish. This can give you a couple of different style looks for your hardwood piece. Its process requires sanding off the surface and applying the wax afterward.

            Its end result is a lot more subdued than oil or other forms of top coats. It leads to a matte finish that provides you with a natural and rustic look.

Wood Burning Technique

            An uncommon and out-of-the-box technique you can use in wood refinishing is the wood burning technique. It is ideally done in various ways however, the popular type of wood-burning technique is the Shou Sugi Ban wood-burning technique.

Aside from cedar wood, this technique can also be used on other wood types. And despite its name, it can still give your piece a not-so-dramatic look that will appear gorgeous on it.